Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Yanagisawa Report

A weekly wrapup of the news, brought to us by Health and Welfare Minister Yanagisawa Hakuo, exhibiting his unique perspective on events.

Gripping National Production

Courtesy: AP

President and double dinger sperm injector George W. Bush greets super productive baby machine Nancy Pelosi prior to a limp State of the Union address.

Ancient Get-ups

Courtesy: Embassy of Egypt

Former Prime Minister and near hat-trick (one shot went in after time had expired) sperm injector Koizumi Jun'ichiro celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Japan-Egypt Cultural Cooperation Agreement with Ambassador Hisham Al-Badr, who is such a nice guy I will say nothing even remotely naughty about him.

A Failed Marriage

Courtesy: Reuters

Prime Minister and presumably functioning sperm injector unit holds hands with his unsuccessful baby making machine as they descend the access stairs at Cebu International Airport.

In other words...Yanagisawa's meeting with the PM at the Kantei--after his reconceptualization of adult Japanese women as baby-making machines who need to improve their per capita production--must have been AWKWARD.

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