Friday, January 26, 2007

Daytrips in February

From time to time I tease with photos of recent daytrips.

If the weather is clear on the Sundays of next month, here are some of the places I am thinking of visiting:

February 4 - Futagoyama - Across the Miura Peninsula from Zushi to Taura through a fairly unbroken stand of lowland broad-leafed evergreen forest, up over the ridge at Futagoyama and terminating in a visit to the plum groves (they should be in full bloom) on the hills above the Yokosuka naval bases.

February 11 - Nokogiriyama - Perhaps the Kantō Region's best one day trip. Down to the Miura Peninsula by train, across Tokyo Bay by ferry, then up the mountain, either on foot or by cable car to...

February 18 - Manazuru Peninsula / Shiroyama - A visit in the morning to the peninsula, its port and its religious sites, followed by a climb up in the afternoon up Shiroyama for the view. Hot water fanatics can find bathing opportunities around Yugawara. Birding should be good too--easy identification of 20-25 species.

February 25 - Takagawayama in Yamanashi Prefecture - a fairly brief, easy ascent to one of the most spectacular luncheon views around, followed by a visit to an early Meiji elementary school at the mountain's base.

If you are interested in joining me on any of these day trips, please email me.

As noted at the outset, weather permitting...

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