Saturday, January 20, 2007

Elysian Fields

I must say, Tamiflu is one hell of a product...though I do note what seem like occasional random shifts in the time-space continuum despite and/or possibly due to my consumption of this wonder drug.

In the meantime, here is what I believe is the original article that started the ball rolling on the Chinese anti-satellite missile test.

The following two sites are doing a wizbang job of keeping abreast of the tale:

Arms Control Wonk

The Council on Foreign Relations news roundup is kind of weak, by comparison.

I shall have to see what Japanese news sources are saying. I am afraid the significance of this test shall escape most of the usual pontificators.

I tend to get ahead of myself on these things but the Chinese military's successful test of this weapon seems a transformative event, on par with Hizbullah's recent political victory in Lebanon.

The ball game is completely different now.

Later - It was going to happen sooner or later. It just happened sooner rather than later.

Here it is, Mike Green's take on the missile launch, courtesy of Time magazine.

As usual, he is shocked that an East Asian nation might have its own foreign policy agenda and action timetable.

And no, I have not forgotten this bit of harrumphing bluster.

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Anonymous said...

creating a shitload of small but deadly space debris in space - no-one seems to care - there is nothing in the press, on CNN about it? Why

take care of yourself and then let me know what you think