Friday, January 19, 2007

Non compos mentes

I'll be out of commission and decidedly horizontal for a few more hours due to the combined effects of Type A Influenza and bronchitis.

While I have been away from my desk testing the waters of extreme discomfort and semi-consciousness, it seems the Chinese have been doing a little product demonstration.

Just as long as they keep taking out their own worries, mate.

Oh, except for the creation of a few hundred pieces of high velocity space debris that could wipe out a few other satellites...or a space walking astronaut...

Killing satellites with a kinetic kill vehicle is so dumb the U.S. military canned serious work on the technology after a single successful test.

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George said...

Best have a few beers mate or a slug of Frog Muck... Wine from France for the uninitiated. Yeah I know that we are supposed to hate the French but you have got to give it to them… Champagne only comes from France. And other stuff like Pâté de Foie Gras… OK. Blame the Egyptians