Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here it it comes...

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新しいアドレスは です。

Discipline, resolve and physical strength!

Ah! The joys of calligraphy at New Years.

Courtesy: Bōeishō, baby!

Later - Over the New Years holiday I visited a "famous persons" calligraphy exhibition held at Mitsukoshi's main store in Nihonbashi. Kyūma's handiwork was among the works featured.

My conclusion from what I saw--as the spacing of the characters in the above photo indicates, he has little or no aptitude in the art.

By contrast, former Houser of Representatives Speaker Watanuki Tamisuke and former House of Representatives member Utagawa Yoshio (Tokyo District 16) have real style.

As for the calligraphy of the non-politicians, just one comment:

Okazaki Hisahiko = the Qianlong Emperor

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