Thursday, January 11, 2007

Paging Mr. Michael Palin...Paging Mr Terry Jones...Mr. Idle, pick up a white courtesy telephone, please...

The motto of Fox News is "fair and balanced."

After reading the following, I have tried to think what should AP's motto should be..."thorough to the point of inadvertent parody" perhaps?

Chopped husband scattered around Tokyo

January 11, 2007 TOKYO, Japan -- A woman has confessed to bludgeoning her husband with a wine bottle, sawing the corpse in pieces and dumping his body parts around Tokyo, police and news reports said Thursday.

The arrest of 32-year-old Kaori Mihashi late Wednesday capped a grisly murder mystery that began when a man's torso was found in a garbage bag on a street in downtown Tokyo in December.

The man's legs were found in late December at a separate location in the city, and his head was discovered in a suburban park on Wednesday, a Metropolitan Police official said on condition of anonymity.

The man was identified as Mihashi's husband, Yusuke Mihashi, 30, the police said. His arms were still missing.

It is gruesome, it is awful...but that last line veers damn close to Monty Python.

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Jun Okumura said...

there are 12,577,819 stories in the naked bodysuit city...

*puff, puff; puff, puff*

"Okay, officer, okay, I'll tell you where I hid them; please, just..."

"Not so fast lady; first the arms, then the cigarette."

(in black and white, grainy preferred)