Friday, January 26, 2007

Give that man a hand

Over at Global Talk 21, the inimitable Jun Okumura puts the headlock on the British Broadcasting Corporation's overreach on the term taibatsu, and quite properly pleads for a revision.

This is how mistakes and lies take on a life of their own, folks.

Speaking of which, can someone please tell Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to keep her ideas about certain kanji to herself?


Anonymous said...

well, since she was your provost at Stanford, send her an email yourself, me thinks that's the best way



ochka said...

If I remember it correctly, Dr. Rice was your provost at Stanford - I think she was the lady standing to the right of dr. Kennedy on your graduation day and your mom and I shook hands with them as we bumbled our way into the graduatiopn proceeding - through the wrong VIP entry, I think - or am I off ? Any way, go ahead, send her an email