Sunday, January 14, 2007

Go kōi dake itadakimasu*

A tall, bald, self-assured and decidedly palid charmer is wending his way towards you.

No, it's not MTC...lucky you.

No, it is the world's second most difficult-to-locate** and least-sought-after hunting dinner companion.

米副大統領、訪日で調整 早ければ来月にも



"No problems with arranging the schedule."

Imagine that.

The actual president Vice President of the United States has no appointments lined up that could interfere with a trip to Japan even next month.

Like I said, imagine that.

For the Abe Cabinet, yet another feather in their cap. A coup. A smart, sassy move.

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* "Thanks but no thanks."

** After Osama Bin Laden.


Jun Okumura said...

Don't worry. We don't use guns at the imperial duck hunt.

MTC said...


I have been to Hama-Rikkyu and read the descriptions of the duck hunts once held there.

That even a single duck was ever caught by the method described is amazing.