Saturday, September 01, 2007

September's Song

The blogroll's embedded song this month is Utada Hikaru's Hikari ( 光 ), the closing number from her 2006 "United" tour.

At the time of these concerts her ill-considered marriage to her much older husband, video producer Kiriya Kazuaki, was falling apart...which gives the performance a poignant edge. Written for her husband, the song's title is an alternate reading of her given name (thus making the song "the gift of herself"). Though Hikki (Utada's nickname, you can hear the fans screaming it in the video) intended to describe the changes that a married couple accept when they become one, she more clearly captures the disconnect that over time can yawn between two lovers, as she pleads in the song's final line:

Terebi (o) keshite, watakushi no koto dake o
Mite ite yo

Turn off the television
Keep your eyes only on me!

URL for the You Tube recording:

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