Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Abe Shinzō just indicated his intent to resign...I think.

Honestly, that has to have been the worst resignation speech I have ever heard. It wandered about without engaging the emotions, waltzing endlessly around the point.

The only saving grace: he saw that he had no more pull in Nagata-chō:

"Ozawa Ichirō turned down my invitation to a little get-together of the leaders of the parties so I decided to speak to my fellow party executives about my intentions."

Yes, when you're the PM and you ask the leader of the opposition to come and talk about a piece of legislation vital to the national interest...and the opposition leader blows you off--it is time for you to go.

Later - Curiouser and curiouser.

In his own press conference, Democratic Party leader Ozawa claimed that Abe had made no formal request to him for a meeting of the party heads.

The story of Ozawa's refusal was printed in the morning papers. What is the game here?

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Anonymous said...

At least, Abe-san decided to answer to the ultimate question:
R.I.P, Abe-san, Japan will forget you easily.
Now, who's next? Who?
- Aso-san, don't put your hand so high in the air, we know, we know....