Friday, August 31, 2007

For the weekend: a Maruyama plan

I had hoped to take the Female Child on a hike up Maruyama on Sunday, climbing though the chert-enracinated stands of cedar and cypress to the viewing platform overlooking Chichibu, descending through monkey and boar fences to the minshuku with the hot baths. As we waited for the water to get warm we would slurp down the house specialty: konnyaku tofu sashimi.

After soaking ourselves, would wander down the narrow lanes, stopping off to pick heavy, round, grapes with dusty purple skins at one of the many arbors on the outskirts of the village spread out on the hill before the station.

A perfect plan for the day.

But for the weather, it seems.

Chestnut Tiger Butterfly - Asagi Madara - Parantica sita
Maruyama Trail, Yokose Township, Saitama Prefecture
September 10, 2006

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