Tuesday, September 18, 2007

They're off

Weird matchup on Mino Monta's morning show.

A sober-looking Nakagawa Shōichi arguing for Aso Tarō (only one surprise there).

A smiling Hirasawa Katsuei arguing for Fukuda Yasuo.

Weird because there is no member of the House of Representatives more associated with the abductees issue than Hirasawa...and there is the human interest angle of Hirasawa's having been Abe Shinzō's tutor (katei kyōshi) when Abe was in the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school (Momma obviously wanted Shin-chan to at least try to get into a top-flight middle school. Hmmm, whatever became of that?)

Mino-san put it to Nakagawa directly, "You were Policy Research Council Chairman under the First Abe Cabinet and you are now support Aso. If Fukuda prevails...well...that's going to put you in a kind of tough position, party-wise, isn't?"

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