Wednesday, September 12, 2007

One more time...we're gonna celebrate

Well, at least he does not have to say the entire speech over again.

It seems that on Monday, when Prime Minister Abe Shinzō was delivering his policy address to the Diet, the verbal jousting between the hecklers (yaji) of the various parties so flustered him that he skipped a line in the speech.

The biggest commotion occurred when newly elected member of the House of Councillors Maruyama Tatsuya, having had quite enough the Democratic hecklers, stood up, put his hands to either side of his mouth like a megaphone and shouted, "This is the Prime Minister's address. So shut up and listen!"

Of course, Maruyama only ended up egging on the hecklers, who proceeded to rag on the freshman lawmaker without mercy:

"Ah, ya damned celebrity lawyer!"

"You're not allowed to stand up ya know? Sit down!"

Since the line Prime Minister Abe skipped was kind of important, pledging to make every effort to ensure the success of the G8 Tōyako Summit in Hokkaidō, he has applied to have the chance to say the skipped line in Diet session.

No, no one can remember the last time a prime minister asked for a do-over.

Does nothing go right for poor Shin-chan?

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