Friday, September 21, 2007

Even a blind squirrel...

...sometimes finds a nut.

Tobias Harris has been saying that what Japan is looking for is another weirdo.

It seems that Shūkan Bunshun has found one.

Fukuda Yasuo - truth is, he's a huge weirdo!

A record of his off-the-record wild-and-crazy utterances!

"Kim Jong-il was being sincere."

"You can't get any information from Iijima [Koizumi's political secretary, not the ex-soft porn starlet]. He doesn't have any."

"Mori-san [faction leader former prime minister Mori Yoshirō] is just so at ease and isn't it great...for him?"

"Those who insist on exclusively male primogeniture, they're stupid."

"Men are black leopards [beasts]"

It's like they say:

"He was really quiet. Didn't draw attention to himself. Said he liked reading and listening to classical music. You never would have thought such a unremarkable little guy would be such turn out to be such a weirdo."

Yes, I am aware that logic would normally forbid the publication of "A record of his off-the-record wild-and-crazy utterances" (offu reko bōgen roku). But this is a Japanese weekly magazine, folks...

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