Saturday, September 15, 2007

Real Reform Lives!

Or at least I hope it does.

With Aso Tarō having nearly completed his role in a stunning reenactment of the race between the tortoise and the hare (note bene - he's not the tortoise) we have the possibility of finally ending this Year of Living Weirdly.

Just say No to constitutional revision! Say Yes to giving the Keidanren the finger when ever it brings up the subject of cuts in the corporate income tax and the immigration of future blue-eyed suitors for Aiko-sama!

We have a Fuku in the House! And he's ready to go mano a mano (mildly) against the Disciple of Kaku now running the DPJ!

Say No to more bridges, highways and crop subsidies; say Yes to redistricting, organic farming, healthy forests (business tip – the government wants to cut down a million hectares of cedar and cypress plantations—and replace the whole kit and caboodle with pines and broad-leaved evergreens. Got an ax?) and meaningful decentralization (Is it smart to have the headquarters of 35 of the world's top 500 companies in Tokyo? No!).

Oh, and I do not think we will be hearing much about prime ministerial visits to Yasukuni...

Fukuda Yasuo...rockin' a world near you.

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Anonymous said...

well, kinda. but it is a bit simplistic to paint ozawa as a carbon copy of tanaka, which he clearly is not. your historical hip-hop doesn't quite rhyme the way you want it to.

more importantly, who wants a safe pair of hands at the wheel of the ldp? i was just looking forward to getting back on the roller-coaster for another ride.