Monday, February 19, 2007

La Nausée - Part 1

Noel Paul Stookey sings "A Song for Megumi"

PP&Mの「ポール」が来日 めぐみさんの両親出迎え

米フォークグループ、ピーター・ポール&マリー(PP&M)のメンバーで、拉致被害者横田めぐみさんの救出を願う歌「SONG FOR MEGUMI」をつくったノエル・ポール・ストーキーさん(69)が17日夕、米機で成田空港に到着し、めぐみさんの両親の出迎えを受けた。

Courtesy: The Asahi Shimbun

Because the one thing the Yokota Megumi case lacks is media exposure.

And oh yes, it could have been worse. The singer in question could have been pardoned felon ("immoral and improper liberties with a 14 year-old") Peter Yarrow, the "Peter" of PP&M.


Paff, Der Zauberdrachen said...

Come, come, my man. If Peter Yarrow is good enough for John Kerry and Teresa Heinz, then he should be good enough for the Yokotas. Probably couldn't make it; too busy saving children.


MTC said...

"Paff" -

Yarrow did his 3 months and was granted a full pardon for an act that nowadays would get him 6 years and a hour long weekly program on cable.

I was merely trying to think of an alternative that would have made me feel even queasier than I felt when I first heard about this.