Tuesday, February 27, 2007

China Does Satire

Abe Era Japan, the country with the "Kick me!" sign firmly affixed to its hindquarters:
China calls on Japan to explain military development, status of Taiwan
Associated Press

BEIJING: China's Foreign Ministry called on Tokyo on Tuesday to be more open about its military development and the status of Taiwan in its plans following Japanese demands for more information on China's arms buildup.

"It is very strange that Japan, with only one-twenty-fifth of China's land and one-tenth of China's population, possesses such a huge military expenditure. ... Meanwhile, it claims China is a threat," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang at a news briefing.

"Can they explain their military development and action including putting Taiwan into their law on contingencies in surrounding areas and the so-called Taiwan Act?"

The Chinese government joins the DPRK in turning tables on the Government of Japan's overreliance on canned speeches.

Frankly, I have never understood the whole "China needs to be more transparent about its military intentions" demand.

What country's government is ever transparent about its military intentions and capabilities? Keeping the other side guessing is the number one way of ensuring the other side leaves you alone.

Of course, keeping the other side guessing when you really don't have anything is less than effective when your opponent is A) insane or B) a recovered alcoholic who hears God talking to him and who has a bit of a chip on his shoulder due to the looming shadow of an infinitely more talented parent.

Okagesama de.

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Jun Okumura said...

Because Japan has one of the biggest EEZs and longest sea lanes on the planet, and lives next to one very dangerous nuclear power mini-Me and two other serious nuclear arsenals, I would tell the Qingster. Plus we pay our soldiers gajillion yen per head. And that's not counting pensions and health benefits.

Fight BS with BS, as I like to say.

But then, I don't speak for the MOFAdoh.

Speaking of BS, don't you just love the title: "BS News"? From NHK?