Thursday, February 22, 2007

Give a Little Luv to the Dear One

Kamei Shizuka, the former LDP terror, now maudlin tear jerking outcast pol with incredibly ugly hair and a voice like meat grinder, has something of a history of equating members of the former Mori faction with totalitarian dictators.

He did not disappoint after Nakagawa Hidenao called for ministerial body language indicating a higher level of respect for Prime Minister Abe:

"What is significant is that they engage in alert and snap to politics. This desire for an atmosphere of loyalty arising out of standing bolt upright in a straight line, I mean, when did we suddenly become North Korea?"
A Nippon Television report including Kamei's dismissive remark is archived here.

This morning's Yomiuri Shimbun explored Kamei's reimagination of Abe Shinzō as Dear Leader.
(I love the card flip, the uniform and the shoes--but I don't quite get the pigeon toes)

Courtesy: Yomiuri Shimbun

Of course, just when the party is starting to rock, Fukushima Mizuho plays spoiler with an invocation of Godwin's Law --which, hilariously for a Socialist, demonstrates a sad historical amnesia over a certain country's "Banzai! Banzai!" tableaux. She then compounds her faux pas with a paraphrase* indicating an agreement with Nakagawa Hidenao's basic point:

At a press conference, Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima Mizuho declared, "Japan is not the country of 'Heil Hitler!'" and "It has been revealed to all the world there is no respect for the Prime Minister. The PM's position is hopeless."*

Oh, I hope for her sake the papers are misquoting her.


* 「賢者が過ちを犯すことがなかったなら、ばかには立つ瀬がない。」 = "If wise men did not ever screw up, then the stupid would have no hope at all."


Anonymous said...

The high heel shoes are what amuses. What's that about?

MTC said...

Shrinegirl -

Until someone tells me otherwise, it is a reference to the Dear Leader's attempts to compensate for a lack of height through the wearing of platform shoes.

Anonymous said...

As someone who knows a thing or two about women's shoes, I find it curious that the shoes in question are high heels as opposed to simply platforms. But that is just an observation.