Saturday, February 17, 2007

Armitage-Nye II: Longer, Oddly Formatted and With More Head-Scratching Non-Sequiturs Than Ever Before

"The heavyset, bullet-headed Armitage is known for having a good head on his shoulders....That is primarily because he has no neck"

- William Safire

Valerie Plame identity leaker, champion curser and REALLY big man on campus Richard Armitage is back with his partner Joseph Nye (with probably lots of help, like last time, from the fingers of Michael Green) with another roadmap to everlasting Japan-U.S. happiness.

Except, of course, this time, nobody on the list of participants except possibly FJ is going to get bupkis in terms of a position in 2009.

Still, I've got to go now read the damn thing. I've glanced at the conclusions and my initial reactions are:

- Free Trade Agreement? Bwahahahahaha. Over John Dingell's dead body.

- Since when is Indonesia in charge of ASEAN?

- How is the U.S.-Japan alliance "well suited to strengthen and integrate national and regional efforts to address climate change"? Guys, the U.S. kicked Japan in the groin on this issue. The Kyoto Protocol, remember?

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Jun Okumura said...

Hey, there's always the Rudy beats Hillary scenario...