Monday, February 19, 2007

Considered thoughts

This may be the quote of the day:

「客観的な事実にまったく基づいて おらず、日本政府の慰安婦問題に関しても対応を踏まえていないもので、 はなはだ遺憾だ」

"This is absolutely not based on objective facts--and as it is based on the assumption that the Japanese government has not responded in regards to the comfort women problem, it is extremely regrettable."

Such was Foreign Minister Aso Tarō's response when asked in the Diet about the recent hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives on a bill calling on the Government of Japan to accept unequivocal responsibility for the plight of the comfort women.

I have pondering over what Foreign Minister Aso's "objective facts" (kyakkanteki na jijitsu) might be as opposed to, let us say, "facts."

My guess is that an "objective fact" is one where the perpetrators leave a written record of what they have done.

So damn you Suzuki-san, Tanaka-san and Naitō-san in Records & Accounting! If you had done your jobs better this problem would have solved itself!



nyuudo said...

But Why people vote such stubborn minded jerks?
The "not-objective fact" is that glorified harmony cyst on Japanese society.

MTC said...

nyuudo -

None of the current crop of LDP leaders has a game plan other than to stay back and play defense, kicking out-of-bounds whatever comes their way with knee-jerk patriotic piffle.