Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' ?

And they say there is a dearth of innovation in this country.

Japan sees wave of suicides using detergent-produced gas
Associated Press

By MARI YAMAGUCHI – TOKYO — At least four people killed themselves Friday by inhaling fumes from a detergent mixed with other chemicals amid a wave of similar suicides that has reportedly claimed about 50 lives this month in Japan.

Authorities are alarmed by the sudden rise in such incidents — an average of two a day were reported in April — because the chemicals are easy to get and the fumes could spread to affect bystanders or rescuers.

A 47-year-old man killed himself Friday in a Tokyo luxury hotel, said Fire Department official Toshiyuki Miyake.

Officials said emergency workers also found a 29-year-old man dead in his Tokyo apartment; a man in his 50s at a public gymnasium in northern Tokyo; and a man in his 30s in an apartment in nearby Yokohama. All died after inhaling hydrogen sulfide gas, produced by mixing detergent and a bath lotion...
It is such a good thing that religious zealots, individuals with grudges, the mentally ill--or some combination thereof--are all illiterate.

For the good of my own conscience, I am not going to go into my thinking in any more detail than that.


Anonymous said...

You make an error. The frightening thing about religious zealots is that too many of them ARE literate and intelligent. That chubby sack who lead the Aum and perpetrated the sarin gas attacks some time back had to have had some leadership ability and intelligence. These are true monsters, the intelligent evil, and to underestimate them is to invite violence.

MTC said...

Richard -

The subject matter of the post required the employment of sarcasm.

As for his chubbiness, he grew up the only sighted child in a school for the blind. He was the proverbial king.

When he became an adult he felt the rest of Japan should acknowledge that he still deserved royal honors.

The damned ungrateful citizenry failed to respond.