Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why blogging matters - Japan edition

Tobias Harris goes home and is promptly horrified.

Janne Morén shows what happens when drop dead design sense meets demographic data.

Okumura Jun writes off the cuff about the healthcare system (once and twice and thrice).

Ad Blankestijn seems intent on giving away the manuscript to a fantastic guide to Japan.

Me? I tip-tap-type out marginalia.


Anonymous said...


just keep going with your "tip-tap" writing - many among us learn a lot from it, and enjoy it, too



Martin J Frid said...

I have to add that you are adding an important sense of reality check, compared to many other bloggers, so yes, I cannot help but checking what you are adding from day to day.

To blog or not to blog...

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe there are other, better ways to reach people, to change the world. It is something one thinks about every April 19th.

Emily Landau