Monday, April 28, 2008

100 Japanese Public Intellectuals List - Numbers 51-70

Thanks to commenters and some suggestions from a friend, I have a further twenty names for the master list of 100 currently active public intellectuals.

Noguchi Yukio
Yonekura Sei'ichirō
Nonaka Ikujirō
Tanaka Naoki
Itō Takatoshi
Itō Motoshige
Kang Sangjung
Mori Tatsuya
Takahashi Tetsuya
Karatani Kojin

Hosaka Masayasu
Tanaka Hitoshi
Soeya Yoshihide
Tachibana Takashi
Hata Ikuhiko
Okonogi Masao
Ebata Kensuke
Tahara Sōichirō Murakami Haruki
Komori Yoshihisa
Tamamoto Masaharu

I include Tamamoto-san on a tentative basis. Having met him on several occasions, I have a personal liking for him. He has gone through hell because of the machinations of his nemesis Komori. However, I have not read anything recent work by him published in Japanese. If the suggestor could send me a URL, I would be much obliged.

Some persons suggested Ozawa Ichirō and Ishiba Shigeru. While Ozawa and Ishiba and others politicians like Yosano Kaoru do write significant thought pieces and participate in taidan (discussion) works, their influence grows out of their positions in the political firmament, not necessarily the power of their ideas. Ishihara Shintarō and Inose Naoki, by contrast, established themselves as literary figures before becoming political players.


Anonymous said...

You included Tahara Souichiro twice: once in the 11-20's list and another time in the 61-70's list. The first time, anonymous #1 recommended to mention him in his own comment - even though Tahara-san was already in the list. I'm starting to believe that you have a bias in his favor!
And although some may disagree, I would include Murakami Haruki and Lili- Furanki-. These are authors who reflected on Japan's society to digest it with their views and intellect in their books.

MTC said...

Cher french reader -

I will replace the superfluous Tahara with Murakami Haruki and hold Lili Furanki in reserve.

Anonymous said...

I will write their post next to their names. I don't know most of them ??

MTC said...

anonymous -

I am sorry, I do not understand your comment. Could you restate your point/question?