Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Peace and Tranquility Be With You Brother

Okumura Jun has doubts. He is Not of The Body.

Tobias Harris is without doubts. He is Not of The Body!

(But he does get a sweet pair of mentions in this week's edition of Newsweek.)

Ishizuka Masahiko is a councilor of the Foreign Press Center and an Unbeliever!

Not of The Body!

Garrett de Orio and Ken Worsley are Unbelievers and are Uninvited to The Festival at Red Hour!

Unbelievers! Not of The Body!

Confusion! Confusion! Confusion!

I throw myself before the Will of Landru!


Jun Okumura said...

... and the lawgivers fails you...

Anonymous said...

Will the Festival at Red Hour have a buffet? My scruples, opinions, and judgement (or lack thereof) can be bought with food and drink in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Is he of the body?