Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saved by the Bowel

Uggghhh! I opened up the Asahi Shimbun this morning, thinking myself basically safe from the most egregious of nonsense, only to be greeted with this advertisement for a book by right wing hotcake and president of the Japan Institute for National Fundamentals Sakurai Yoshiko:

Courtesy: The Asahi Shimbun

"Parents must properly scold their children."
"The Teacher is not my friend."
"To be with a family member at the moment of death"

These things that Japanese have forgotten, let us bring them back!

The Graces of the Japanese

Let us become Japanese who have pride!
Oh gag me...with straw men...and that bloody word hokori again.

Yes, the nation is shamed by its ravening hordes of improperly scolded children who are way too chummy with their teachers and skip out on Grandma's crossing over to the golden land.

Uh, no.

But for Sakurai, an even more insidious evil lurks just over the horizon. At her blog she reports on the possibility of a perfidious E Pluribus Unum...and the purblindness of the current political leaders to the potential isolation and abandonment of A Beautiful Country®:




"In testimony on March 12 before the Senate Armed Services Committee, PACCOM Commander Keating said that he received a proposal from an admiral of the Chinese Navy to divide-and-rule the Pacific. That admiral offered, with a straight face, that the U.S. control everything east of Hawaii and China control everything west.

What China is describing is a form of the former order where the U.S. and Soviet Union divided the world in two and each ruled. What is more, China is not adopting the anti-U.S. confrontational stance of the Soviet Union. It is easy for the U.S. to be enticed by China. In this, Taiwan is already swallowed up by China, making the Ma (Ying-cheou) government's respect for Taiwan's autonomy meaningless. Once again, Japan faces severe isolation.

We must prepare to grapple with this situation* using our own powers. Japan at this very moment must make its will firm** keeping in mind the worst possible potential outcome. Such a thought probably never crosses the minds of either Fukuda Yasuo or Ozawa Ichiro. Truly, it is through the poverty of its politics that Japan's power is being thrown away."

Truly, I cannot express with any brevity my relief at the thought that Sakurai and her allies are no longer frequent and honored guests at the prime minister's table.

Tonight, let us lift a glass of special thanks and shout, "Hurrah for chronic bowel disorders!"


* Normally, I would translate "kō shita jitai ni wa" as "in this kind of situation" but here she is clearly only talking about a division of the Pacific between China and the United States.

** To be fair, "kakugo o katamenakereba naranai" can also be less militantly translated as "must make preparations for."


Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with Sakurai?

I just finished reading Susan Shirk's "China'the Fragile Superpower"and strengthened my thought that China is treating Taiwan like Hong Kong by manipulating local politics through buying up business leaders and America is treating Japan like Taiwan by treating as a potential trouble maker of Sino-U.S relations.

Sakurai do writes all things stupid,but the part you have quoted pretty well summed up the situation that Fukuda taking a blindeye.No?

And the only reason I subscribe Asahi is to read the most egregious of nonsense in the paper format.
I don't want to read something that requires hard thinking from the morning.

Jun Okumura said...

Hey,I have an idea! Let's nuzzle up the Russians! They've got oil and nuclear weapons, and the guys there are dropping like flies!

Jun Okumura said...

"...nuzzle up to the Russians"

MTC said...

anonymous -

Sakurai's fear of a U.S. falling prey to China's wiles is a recurring theme in revisionist thought. One of the foundation myths essential to the revisionists's acceptance of the Japan-U.S. security arrangements is a belief that Japan and the U.S. are natural allies--that their pre-1945 emnity was due to China's having seduced the United States, leading the U.S. to temporarily abandon its true partner in East Asia for a continental floozy.

Anonymous said...


can you give a citation/example for that claim that Japan and the US were natural allies and that the US was seduced by China?

Because it's completely insane, and I'd be curious to see what the logic is.

And anon-

The US -wants- a fracas with China, because it builds up domestic support for politicians (e.g. Pelosi) and holds the status quo in Asia. What the US government really doesn't want to see is Japan losing interest in the US and going towards China-not that there's much risk of it happening with people like Sakurai so popular.

Japanese conservative nationalism supports the American status quo unconditionally. It's consistently done so since Yoshida Shigeru.

Anonymous said...

OK the first comment was from me, Aceface.(Not intentional,just forgot to put my name)


I never even heard of that notion that Japan and the U.S was natural ally that goes way back in 1945.

And is Sakurai a revisionist?
She is a conservative and I believe her understanding of the U.S-Japan relation is based on existing U.S-Japan alliance,nothing more nothing less.
But apart from the time line,I don't particulary see any factual errors in the argument.Afterall she quotes the congressional hearing of Admiral Keating of CINPAC,No?
I wouldn't degrade her by putting any pejorative term just because she is "right".

And Anon.

"Japanese conservative nationalism"?New word here.
And I always disagree foreign critic label Japanese as nationalist whenever they speak up somekind of strategy or defending their national interest.

And do these "nationalists" really support the American status quo unconditionally?

Where would I put the likes of Ishihara Shintaro,Nishibe Susumu,Nisio Kanji and Kobayashi Yoshinori,who are more or less Anti American in their writings.

Anyway it's just the strategic situation in East Asia won't allow Tokyo to act wiseassed like French.
For the same reason,Tokyo supports the Chinese status quo unconditionary since Tanaka Kakuei.


MTC said...

Aceface -

A reasonable request. However, in order to fulfill it I will have to go to a public library and pick through back issues of WiLL, Seiron and other such titles, as none of this stuff is put online.

I will have to ask your patience, therefore. This is a hobby for me, not a paying job.

Anonymous said...


I would call Kobayashi rabidly pro-American. His whole style shows that his desire is to be seen as a militaristic, subhuman oriental, in precisely the way that occupation in its worst moments represented Japanese people. He desires this kind of treatment-all of his ranting about masochism illustrates only that he is the actual masochist, that he desires to be a slave.