Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Well, it's official now. The Cabinet has thrown Japan's diplomats under the bus:

慰安婦問題、強制連行の証拠なし 政府
Sankei Shimbun


Let's see how that first quote renders into English, shall we?

"Within the documentary materials uncovered by the Government of Japan, we have not seen any notation directly linking the military or civil authorities with what is called 'the forcible taking (of individuals)'."
Of course, someone might have uncovered something somewhere else, but as for the hard working, dedicated truthseekers in the luck.

The second quote is even better for the poor sods at the Embassies in Seoul, Beijing, Manila, Washington, the get the picture:

"While the Kono Statement has never been endorsed by a Cabinet, cabinets have come to inherit it...This Cabinet has no intention of endorsing the Kono Statement (kakugikettei sure koto wa kangaete nai)."
Well, I guess that just about does it for the "Japan has officially apologized" line of argument, eh?

That this latest fiasco comes in response to questions from Tsujimoto Kiyomi is just too rich.


Anonymous said...

Please tell us who do not know, but want to, more about this Tsujimoto Hiromi.

MTC said...

mlk -

Sorry, I was on a rather expensive phone connection at the time, so I could not double-check my work. The Representative in question is, of course, Tsujimoto Kiyomi.

I have altered the blog post accordingly.