Thursday, March 01, 2007

May I have the envelope, please?

And the Inadvertant Hilarity Award goes to...Yagi Hidetsugu, professor of the Takasaki City University of Economics and member of the Abe Shinzō brain trust, for the following killer quote in a speech sponsored by Seiron, reprinted in the February 28 edition of the Sankei Shimbun:


"He insisted on the necessity of a revision of the Constitution, saying, 'The current constitution does not have its foundations in Japan's long history and it denies the past.'"

Professor Yagi, if he has the time, should take a plane to Ann Arbor, Michigan and catch the talk on March 15 by this notorious individual, perhaps now the only surviving perpetrator of the dastardly deed.

The good professor will find out that "denying the past" was sort of the point of the whole exercise.

And if you look at the sixty years that have followed the commission of the unnatural act as compared to the sixty years that preceded it, you have to say that maybe denying the past wasn't such a bad thing.

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