Monday, March 05, 2007

Could it be? Oh, hell why wouldn't it be?

Is it really possible that no one has sat the PM down and explained to him about the power of the English language press, especially on matters pertaining to the history of World War II? (Does he remember who won that conflict--and what they say about winners and the writing of history?)

That a too free translation of his assertion of a lack of shōko 証拠 as "lack of proof" has him denying the existence of any "proof of coercion" (an especial thanks to you Mr. Onishi of The New York Times)? 

That he is being pilloried all over the planet because dictionaries manage to translate both shōko 証拠 and shōgen 証言 as "evidence" and "testimony", making it seem as though he is denying the verbal evidence (shōgen) of the confort women about coercion when all he is saying is that there is no surviving conclusive documentary evidence (shōko) ?

Or does he even care?

With fellow travelers like Nakayama "Cafeteria" Nariaki (Google it--you will be appalled) what are we to expect?

Stupid man. Stupid, incurious, arrogant, dogmatic man who deserves to lose in July.

Why has his prime ministership replicated intellectual trajectory of the Bush presidency, only at 12 times the speed?

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Anonymous said...

I don't think he cares for anything but his domestic audience. He cares that his right wing base gives money and gets out the vote. He cares that he can look defiant to the US. He cares to see if he can provoke China and Korea into acting emotionally so that he can justify his position and look good. He cares that he can look like a tough guy to Japanese men who have nearly lost all respect from their women. The problem is that he does not care about anything that matters to the rest of the modern, industrialized world--nor do his cohorts.