Monday, March 26, 2007

A modest proposal

When I see images like these from the Noto Peninsula (complete with breathy commentary from cute young things on the scene in their white hardhats) all I can think of is "Why is there no infuriating and expensive kaken commensurate with the onerous shaken?

Courtesy: AP
Courtesy: AP

A requirement to have one's home inspected every three years for the first 30 years after it is built--then every two years afterward for the lifetime of the building--would do Japan a world of good by forcing encouraging folks to either reinforce or junk substandard and dangerous digs. I also cannot think of a better way of giving a jolt to private consumption other than pressing folks to invest in some better housing.

A project for the Canadian lumber industry council? Or the depopulating mountain villages with their hideous monoculture Legoland plantations of pollen-spewing hinoki and sugi?

...that and the heavy ceramic roofing tile industry admitting to its customers that while attractive and fireproof, its main product line is a killer.

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