Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'd like to teach the world to sing...


The directors of Livedoor turn state's evidence against their former boss Horie Takafumi, guaranteeing his conviction on window dressing and other fraud charges. In return, the backstabbing executives--the very ones who cooked up the schemes that Horie has been sentenced to jail for approving--can look forward to leniency in their own sentencing.

But let's be fair here: their testimony helped the police put away the real bad guy.

However, these same uragiremono can find themselves in complete agreement with Horie, who testified today at the Murakami Yoshiaki's trial on insider trading charges, that they were all of them kidding in November 2004 when they told Murakami that Livedoor was thinking about buying Nippon Hōsō--the crux of the insider trading case against the former Murakami Fund president.

Funny--it is almost as if when bringing down a person with damning testimony will not reduce their own sentences one jot, the convicted co-conspirators can find themselve in total agreement that they do not mean what they say when they say it.

Take that, Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office!

Ah, self interest...the world's only reliable voice coach...

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