Friday, March 16, 2007

I grit my teeth

As all and sundry await the verdict with bated breath (the announcers on Fuji Television are practically slobbering over themselves) I am perusing the news reports.

That is how I find total drek like this:

Verdict due for Livedoor tycoon


Legal experts said Mr Horie's repeated protestations of innocence and his unwillingness to show any remorse could prove determining factors in the outcome of the trial.

"In the Japanese court system, expressing remorse and paying penance can be a key factor to mitigate punishment," said Yoji Ochiai, an attorney not involved in the trial.

"In Japan there is a culture that those who admit to a crime and reflect on their act should be readmitted to the community, which is reflected in criminal trials."

Actually, Japanese culture has nothing to do with it.

Defense attorneys are paid a huge lump fee at the outset. Convincing their clients to confess thereafter makes it possible for attorneys to make a comfortable living without doing any real work.

A nice racket to be in, if you can pass the exam.

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