Thursday, July 05, 2012

Very Kind Of Them #12

The good folks at the East Asia Forum have taken a long-winded, meandering stem-winder of an essay, distilled it to its essentials, and posted the result on their website:

Ozawa’s departure, the revival of the DPJ and the future of Japan

They have also very kindly provided a link to all my EAF contributions:

as well as an RSS feed:

For a completely different take on the resignations, please read Aurelia George Mulgan's EAF essay of July 3:

Can Ichiro Ozawa repeat history in Japan?

especially the final paragraphs, where Dr. Mulgan identifies the crucial difference between this Ozawa-led breakup of a party and all his previous ones: this time, he is not the one walking away with the cash.

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