Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Signs of the Apocalypse #2

Ema (Emma?) LaFleur-Miyazawa, the daughter of former U.S Embassy in Tokyo DCM and later Ambassador to Malaysia Christopher LaFleur and Miyazawa Keiko, the only child of former Prime Minister Miyazawa Kiichi, who along with former prime ministers Yoshida Shigeru and Tanaka Kakuei (pax Kishi Nobusuke and Ikeda Hayato) made modern Japan what it is today, appearing last night on Akashiya Sanma's "Dance, Dance, Dance! Sanma's Palace!" (Odoru Odoru Odoru! Sanma goten!) - a television show so pathetically, egregiously, indescribably bad that the broadcasting of it should be prosecutable offense.

Wherever Kiichi-sensei is now, I hope he is in a place without a television -- or if there is one, it was not tuned in to Nihon Terebi last night.

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Paul said...

I think you mean Miyazawa Kiichi's only daughter. He also has a son, Hiroo.