Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Meanwhile, Back At Rebel Headquarters, The Bad News Just Keeps On Coming

The trickling of blood that began yesterday afternoon from Ozawa Ichiro's rebellion continued unabated today. House of Representatives member Dr. Mizuno Tomohiko (South Kanto proportional seat) rescinded his resignation from the Democratic Party of Japan, bringing the number of departees from the House of Representatives delegation down to 37.

One the 37 remaining, Zukeran Chobin, a first termer representing Okinawa District #4, has declared he will not be joining a proposed new Ozawa-led party. He will instead serve in the House as an independent.

If the crumbling facade of the Ozawa breakaway is a ruse camouflaging the retention of a large number of Ozawa loyalists within the DPJ, ready to switch sides unexpectedly when the Ozawa new party and its fellow travelers submit a no confidence motion against the government, then it is a stunningly elaborate ruse.  Common sense would argue against the existence of such an intricate plan, as the success of the maneuver would require the cooperation of every opposition party, including the Communists, plus the defection of 17 DPJ members.

Full coordination, particularly between the Liberal Democratic Party and Ozawa's proto-party, is simply not a plausible working hypothesis.

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