Friday, July 20, 2012


Stephen Harner is a former U.S. diplomat, Japan-based business executive turned China-based business executive and now a Japan-based consultant. He blogs for Forbes Magazine at (the link in the blogroll is Whither Japan).

For outstanding -- and I mean eye-wateringly good -- analyses of Japan issues for free, one cannot do better than the researchers at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in New Dehli. Their "Comments" are works of outstanding scholarship. The latest one on Japan, "Political Rift Deepens in Japan over Senkakus’ Nationalization," is available here.

Note that all the references within the comment are to articles the domestic press; none from non-Japanese sources. Nobody else does that, not even the truly excellent folks at the Congressional Reference Service (CRS) -- who, to be fair, have to answer to U.S. congressmen and their staffs who may have read something in the New York Times or Stars and Stripes.

And now, a bleg. Will the graduate student who is blogging his readings of the Big Books on Japan with the word "Heian" in the title line of his blog please contact me, so I can add your blog's name to the blogroll?

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