Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Further Evidence That Inose Naoki Is The Actual Governor Of Tokyo

If the blinking one has time to jet off to Washington for this event at the Heritage Foundation...

The U.S.-Japan Alliance and
the Debate Over Japan's Role in Asia

The Honorable Shintaro Ishihara
Governor of Tokyo

A fixture on Japan's political scene, long-time Governor of Tokyo (1999-present) Shintaro Ishihara is far and away one of Japan's leading political figures... [Link]

...we can state with some degree of certainty that:

1) Ishihara Shintaro is more interested in drumming up interest for his new, "true conservative" party than running the world's richest city

2) The person keeping the lights on, the sewers flowing and the roads passable is Inose Naoki and not the Tokyo Metropolitan District's elected leader.

The latter of those two points is a damn good thing.

[Hyperbolic hyperbole alert: " far and away one of Japan's leading political figures"

"Far and away"?

What is wrong with "is one of Japan's leading political figures"?]


sigma1 said...

Too right. The English language sphere's obsession with making Ishihara as relevant as possible is rather unhealthy, perhaps suggesting "we" may be the ones to not have gotten over the war. I wish I could say it is the media but even in academia it is not unusual to read things along the lines of "Ishihara Shintaro, Japan's most popular about Japan's inferiority longer an economic superpower....bombastic...nostalgia blah blah blah"

Anonymous said...

Well. he's far and away if he'sin DC....

TenThousandThings said...

Many thanks! Sharp content & dry, witty style a welcome palliative after some of the latest in Japanese English-language media..

Kinny Riddle said...

Thanks for the most enlightening insight, Mike.

Next time I shall attempt to point out this fact to my Japanese mates skeptical of Ishihara that he is more irrelevant than they may think.

Anonymous said...

Odds are, that tag line was written by an intern trying to curry some favor...(I say this as a former intern at the Japan program of another think tank)

MTC said...

Anonymous #2 -

You are no doubt correct.

Nevertheless, "is far and away one of" makes no sense at all.

TheStrawMan said...

Um, I thought Blinky was popular with the locals here.

He did get elected mayor, multiple times...

(though not by pluralities, I'm sure)

MTC said...

TheStrawMan -

That the blinking one is popular is not relevant. What is relevant, at least for those hoping to promote an understanding of what is going on in this blessed land, is that Ishihara is the chaser-after of pet projects and tough-talker. The person keeping the city running, however, is the non-elected public intellectual who earned his post simply by writing about such things as improper investment in infrastructure.