Saturday, March 10, 2012

Very Kind of Him - Reconstructing 311

A while back Ourmani Nabiko, the hardest-working human being I have ever met, asked me whether or not I would be willing to participate in a group publication attempting to draw some conclusions about 3/11, revisit some of the stories of the triple disaster or tell some of the untold stories. I said "Yes," without hesitation. Given his astonishing Quakebook project, I felt honored.

Well, Reconstructing 311 is now alive and kicking and available from

Mine is the least of the contributions, in my humble opinion. It does go part of the way, however, in fleshing out the argument answering the criticism Michael Penn (a knowledgeable and astute analyst - if you do not subscribe to his newsletter The Tokyo Diplomat, you are missing out) levels against my assessment of Naoto Kan, outlined in my post on Thursday. The inimitable Jake Adelstein writes about what he knows best, those charming business facilitators in the loud suits and big cars. Philip Brasor illuminates how the public gets none of the information it needs, with or without commercials. Natalie Stucky meets up with the last man in the dead zone, whose zest for life, just life, is bracing...

I could go on and on but will stop here.

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Anonymous said...

Bought it. Thanks for putting it out there digitally.