Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Enforcers of Patriotism - An Addendum

As of March 2, Osaka Prefecture had recorded 20 instances of educators disobeying the prefectural ordinance to stand for the national anthem at graduation ceremonies, this at 17 of 107 schools. The 20 instances is only a preliminary number for the number of violations of the ordinance, as the graduation season will not end until March 16, when the last of the remaining 105 ceremonies will be held. (J)

Last April at the ceremonies marking the beginning of the school year, 38 educators at the 212 prefectural schools violated the requirement to stand for the national anthem, leading to the disciplining of two. (J)

These singling outs of teachers for disciplinary action are being made under the Osaka prefectural ordinance passed by the Isshin no kai-controlled prefectural assembly for the prefecture-managed schools. They have nothing to do with the Osaka City ordinance passed by the Osaka City assembly on February 28.

That fun is yet to come.

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