Monday, March 17, 2008

Before the Spring Migration

On the JIC trips Dr. RD teases me, "MTC, where are the birds?"

I should reply, "At the manmade marshes and beaches of Kasai Rinkai Kōen, my good doctor."

At this time of year, at least.

Suzugamo - Aythia marila

Not even trying very hard at Kasai Rinkai Kōen on March 16, 2008 from 15:45 to 17:45

The Ducks
SuzugamoAythia marila
Hoshihajiro - Aythia ferina
Kinkurohajiro - Aythia fulicula
Onagagamo - Anas acuta
Karugamo - Anas poecilorhyncha
HoshibirogamoAnas clypetea
KogamoAnas crecca
OkayoshigamoAnas streptera
HidorigamoAnas penelope

HoshibirogamoAnas clypetea
KogamoAnas crecca and
KaitsuburiTachibaptus ruficollis

The Grebes
KaitsuburiTachibaptus ruficollis
HajirokaitsuburiPodiceps nigricollis
KanmurikaitsuburiPodiceps cristatus
MimikaitsuburiPodiceps auritus

The Gulls
KamomeLarus canus
YurikamomeLarus rufibundus

The Herons
AosagiArdea cinerea

The Raptors
Chōhi Chūhi- Circus spilonotus

The Thrushes
TsugumiTurdus naumanni

The Cormorants
KawauPhallocrocorax carbo

The Wagtails
HakusekireiMotacilla alba

The most surprising time to visit the park is in late summer, when armies of toads and crabs turn the bitumen paths into their playground. Above them, the bats gang up on the moths and beetles drawn to the light of the tree-trunk-shaped streetlamps (the lampposts are made of concrete).

It makes you realize that in Tokugawa times the city was home to a million souls...yet still teemed with creeping, crawling, scurrying and whirlygigging creatures.

Not so much, now.

Ferris wheel at Kasai Rinkai Kōen
Edogawa Ward, Tokyo Metropolitan District
March 16, 2008

Images courtesy: MTC


Anonymous said...

Actually there are still plenty of Suzugamo in Tokyo bay especially off the coast of Haneda airport(around 50000).

Try Tokyo Bay Bird Sanctuary in Oota ward or Gyoutoku Wild bird observatory next time.Better place than Rinkai Kouen for birding.Or perhaps you've already been there done that.

And It's Chufi,not Chofi,for Eastern marsh harrier.


MTC said...

Aceface -

Thank you for the correction and the information. I have never been to either birding spot. Most of my trips take me outside the TMD.