Friday, March 21, 2008

For filling a vacancy, a crazy idea

Why not Ōta Hiroko for Bank of Japan Governor?

She is an academic with tons of government experience, is considered an independent thinker in favor of economic reform, knows her macro and her micro and if not famous, is at least a recognized figure in overseas economic circles.

How about it, Prime Minister Fukuda? How about shattering the glass ceiling in order to shock your moribund administration back into life?

Click here for her cv in English, complete with unflattering photo image.

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Jan Moren said...

I'm not very attuned to the precise thinking patterns of Japanese arch-conservatives, but wouldn't they be distinctly less than thrilled with a woman ("birth-giving machines") in any kind of top post, and thrilled still less by her being appointed by their own party, and in response to a defeat from the opposition no less? And as one of Fukuda's immediate problems is surviving internal right-wing opposition to his government, would this not actually create more problems for him than it solves?