Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Hundred Things Now To Do or Say....

...before the sun goes down upon this day.

Janne Morén of Janne in Osaka speculates on the potential for diminishing loyalty to institutions, be they universities or political parties.

Bill Sakovich -- whose posts continue to improve as the number of comments in his comments section has shrunk (yes, I am being obscure on purpose) -- has a detailed rundown on the main actors and currents in the Sentaku movement.

The Mitsubishi Heavy shipyards in Nagasaki turned over the keys to the Ashigara, the sixth and final Kongō-class Aegis destroyer, to the Marine Self Defense Forces (Where have you gone Iwashita Yatarō?) in a ceremony in Sasebo.

And in business news, the yen-per-dollar rate sliced through the par level like a knife falling through a sheet of paper, driving the Nikkei Index down to new lows.

A lot to get a handle on.

Hyakunin Isshu Ceiling of the Zendōji (detail)
Yorii City, Saitama Prefecture
February 11, 2008
Image credit: MTC

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Anonymous said...

You give Wild Bill too much credit. It is difficult to believe that Bill is inspired solely by his own discontented isolation. More, it is unlikely that he is the sole author of his unending commentary and travelogue. His focus on Sentaku is most telling, betraying.
A change at MOFA does indeed force other changes if one wants to remain on the dole.