Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Technically, a disaster

The Nikkei 225.

Down another 4.7% today.

Courtesy: Yahoo Finance

The Nikkei's performance over the last six months againt the DAX (green), the FT100 (red) and the S&P500 (black).

Courtesy: Yahoo Finance

Must remember: Chinese pesticide residues, Chinese pesticide residues...the most earth-shatteringly important news story to hit since...gosh...Kiko-sama's giving birth to a boy.

Nothing to do about it but blast Okuda Tamio covering Led Zep.


Jun Okumura said...

Hey, it's Thursday, and it's still slip-slidin' away. You're so chirpy, I can tell you don't play the stock market.

So, wanna do a Simon&Garfunkel cover?

Speaking of whom, I saw Mr. Garfunkel sing at a benefit a few years back, and it was sad, his upper register was gone. Linda Ronstadt has lost it too. In every which way.

Growin' up is hard to do...

G'day, and a qmvuxrub to you too.

MTC said...


The hardest to bear is Sinead O'Connor's complete loss of voice.

As for Okuda Tamio's performance of "Black Dog", it is very possible he takes the low road not because he cannot hit the notes but because Robert Plant (smart guy) would sing in the lower register in his live performances.