Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho!

It's home from work I go.

Honestly, after the grind at the office today, it is all I can do to share the above image taken by yours truly a week ago from Morito Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture's Hayama Township.

Sleep well, sleep soundly, sleep safely all. We will try to figure out tomorrow what Chief Cabinet Secretary Machimura Nobutaka will be suggesting to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as means of improving the "lax" (tarunde iru - his words, not mine) discipline of U.S. Marines.

Good luck Nobutaka-kun! Just don't start talking about the Nazca Lines again, please!


Lionel Dersot said...

Nice beach and beautiful picture.

MTC said...

ld -

You and I are not going to tell a living soul about Zushi and Morito. We are not going to reveal that they are easily accessible from Tokyo, have straight-on views of The Mountain and are seemingly the only fine-grained sand beaches in the Kanto without any garbage on them.

Changement de sujet...j'ai beaucoup aimé "Un monde vraiment à part". Particulièrement, la fin...

"Pour les rudiments, si vous avez 22 ans à me consacrer, ce n'est pas impossible. Pour le reste, un conseil: perdez vous."

Super fantastique.

haneko said...

I won't tell, either. I saw this every AM and PM for three years from my window. Twice a year the sun would set right down into Fuji-san. I lived in the house (gone now) next to lifeguard station from 1962-65.