Friday, February 01, 2008

February's Song - Tsuki hito shizuku

Last month I gave Okuda Tamio (奥田民生) a hard time for his shameless borrowing from the works of others. That he often seems to go out of his way to test copyright laws should not be construed to mean that he cannot craft effective tunes on his own or perform them with real feeling.

In late 1994, he co-wrote with Inoue Yōsui (writer of the worst lyrics in the known universe--so bad they sound better in translation than in the original) and singer/actress Koizumi Kyōko the hit "Tsuki hito shizuku". Kyon-kyon's performance of the song reached #7 on the charts in late 1994. Okuda then released his own, sweeter version of the song.

It remains one of his best reworkings of one his own compositions.

February's song is "Tsuki hito shizuku" performed live in 1995 by Okuda Tamio and friends, in the column on the right or here.

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