Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Results From Sunday - Proportional Vote, National Totals

How badly did the Democratic Party of Japan debase its brand?

LDP 16,624,457
JRA/JRP 12,262,228
DPJ 9,628,653
New Komeito 7,116,474
Your Party 5,245,586
JCP 3,689,159
Tomorrow 3,423,915
SDP 1,420,790
Nippon Daichi 346,848
New Renaissance 134,718
PNP 70,847
Nationally, the party did not even manage to win 10 million votes.

Interestingly, the New Komeito total declined in between 2009 and 2012 in line with the decline in voter participation rates for all voters, from 8,054,007 in 2009 to the above figure, a decrease of 11.64%.

If the stereotypical image of NK voters were true, that should not have happened.


Anonymous said...

It depends really, on what you mean by their "brand." Was their brand what they had on offer when they set out their stall in 2009, or was it the primary "non-LDP" party? If the latter, the splintering of the opposition, as since time immemorial, is a big part of this story. How many of the Ishihara/Hashimoto group would have voted for the DPJ if the IH group did not exist?

MTC said...

Anonymous -

It also depends on whom the "they" is that you choose to criticize.

In a broad sense, the leaders of the DPJ, with the exceptions of Kan Naoto and Koshi'ishi Azuma, torched the party's advances through thinking themselves more important than the party and the people.