Friday, December 14, 2012

Kyodo Annoys With Incomplete Polling Results

Latest polling data:

Kyodo Trend Poll conducted Dec 12-13 (Dec 8-9 responses)

Who will you vote for in the proportional seat vote?

LDP 23% (21%)
DPJ 11% (10%)
JRP 10% (10%)*

Who is more appropriate as prime minister, Abe Shinzo or Noda Yoshihiko?

Abe 34%
Noda 29%


Kyodo News poll of Dec 11-12 (reading on Dec 4-5)

Have not yet decided upon a district candidate

43% (56%)

Have not decided upon a party in the proportional vote

40% (48%)

Cheesily or cheekily, Kyodo is playing around with newshounds, releasing its polling results only in disparate bites. The news service is predicting that the LDP and the New Komeito will win enough seats for a supermajority in the House of Representatives. However, Kyodo has offered no hint as to its methodology or its assumptions in its calculations. What are we to make of the lack of releases of the Don't Know numbers for the party votes or the "neither of them" number for the two front runners in the non-existent popular vote for the prime minister?

What we can say is that more voters have made their decisions as to candidates and parties. Funny how the numbers for the top three parties account for only 3 points of the purported 10 point drop in the number of undecided.

Give us all the numbers Kyodo!


* The party name translates as "Japan Restoration Association." However, the convention has become to call it the Japan Restoration Party, possibly to avoid confusion with the Japan Racing Association.

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