Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey, Hey, Do That Yasukuni Thing!

Yesterday, at Liberal Democratic Party president and prime minister apparent Abe Shinzo's press conference, a journalist asked whether or not Abe intends to visit Yasukuni once he becomes prime minister. (Link)

Ho, ho. Ha, ha. That journalist. What a joker!

The question is not whether or not Abe will visit Yasukuni as prime minister. The question is whether he goes for the full morning coat with tails (Link), the black kimono (Link - warning, even Koizumi Jun'ichiro struggles to make this work) or something more plebeian. (Link)

Vote your preference!

More seriously, it is not a good sign that Abe is prevaricating on Yasukuni. He laid his marker down on this issue during the campaign. He has a supermajority in the House of Representatives, meaning he does not have to give a rat's behind as to what happens in the House of Councillors election in July.

If he thinks he can play the delay and obfuscate game until after the House of Councillors election, he will find the Japan Restoration Association, the Democratic Party of Japan and the public gang-tackling him.

Clarity, Abe-san. Clarity.


Avery said...

I think Koizumi looks positively dashing in that kimono!

Troy said...

I read that the LDP's BOJ appointments have to be approved by the upper house . . .

MTC said...

Avery -

I think the recently departed Nakamura Kantaro would have worn it better.

Troy -

That is right. However, the DPJ is in no state to oppose Abe's choice for BOJ on the grounds of his having said he will pay a visit to Yasukuni.

Philip said...

All good points, but if not Yasukuni, wouldn't the DPJ have the same grounds to obstruct the LDP's BOJ appointees as last time they were in opposition?

MTC said...

Philip -

No, the DPJ has burnt its bridges on that tactic. It has overseen the appointment of not one but two for former Finance Minister bureaucrats to the presidency of Japan Post.