Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Nai-Nicht Convergence

Or is it the Aho-Dummkopf Convergence?

It turns out that Japan is not the only country where, thanks to a Supreme court ruling, the government is at the event horizon of a constitutional black hole. (Link)

Japan and Germany, once the stars pupils at the Democratic Reform School of thought-to-be-incorrigible states...


Hans Zillermann said...

The parties in the German Bundestag have agreed on a new electoral law in mid-october (except for the Left), the law will now be drafted and is supposed to pass Bundestag & Bundesrat next January. I don't understand why that took four years, though.

MTC said...

Hans Zillerman -

Thank you for the update.

Japan's parties will also come to some sort of agreement, most likely sooner than would be in the interest of the Democratic Party of Japan -- thanks to collusion of the news media with the Liberal Democratic Party in a chastisement of Noda Yoshihiko for his promise to Tanigaki Sadakazu to hold elections chikai uchi ni.