Thursday, November 15, 2012

What It Is

If someone should ask you, "What's happening in Japan?" feel free (?) to respond, "Oh, a coup d'état* by conservatives in the ruling party and their counterparts in the largest opposition party."


* The "Act for Establishment of the Council on the House of Representatives Electoral Districts" (1994) empowers a specific ministerial advisory council to redraw the electoral district boundaries.

a) An election carried out without an electoral map drawn by this council is illegal

b) the Supreme Court has declared the current map to be unconstitutional.

1 comment:

Philippe said...

a coup d'état
Lol, last night I was a little more charitable – my assessment was ‘deep going collusion’ between 3 ‘established’ parties to prevent any upstart getting a piece of the cake, even crumbles.

Thought: is Abe-san really so afraid of those upstarts?