Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh Well, So Much For All That

The Democratic Party of Japan is dead. (Link - J)

It is all up to the Emperor now. He can either follow precedent and accept Noda's request for a dissolution. Or he can summon Noda, Liberal Democratic Party president Abe Shinzo and New Komeito leader Yamaguchi Natsuo up to the Imperial Palace and tell them how disappointed he is in them.

To unload this steaming, constitutionally suspect action in the Emperor's lap is not the mark of A Good Citizen.


Avery said...

I'm glad that for all your nonsense about "oh Amaterasu" and stuff (I've yet to see a blog about Finnish politics that cries, "by Thor!"), you understand that unloading a dubious constitutional situation on the Emperor is impertinent.

John D said...

Quick question about the Asahi article linked. 「15日に民自公3党の国対委員長が会談し、取り扱いを協議する。」 means that the party heads will be meeting to discuss how to handle the constitutional reforms on the 15th--does this mean that there are any plans to quickly pass a reform bill on the 15th/16th before dissolution? Would the proposed bill even solve the constitutional issue satisfactorily? (the bit about 0 increase 5 reduction was a bit vague for my unenlightened self) Sorry for the basic level of the question.